Nature's Extraordinary DomainF10View
From This Perch One Humble Soul Struggles For Answers To Questions Beyond Asking.

• From where does creation come?
• What separates thing from thing?
• What unites as one?
• Is there essence in common with all?
• Are we part of that common essence?
• What stops us from knowing?
• What awaits if known?

With spirit-lifting views, shear rock walls, deep wild canyons and exotic colorful interplay of life and soil, the untouched lands of Palo Pinto guided and inspired. This is a very special place, with abundant trees and quiet seclusion in a land with minimal human influence.

This beautiful place has a unique location upon a private peninsula of land that thrusts into the hundreds of acres of nature preseve. It provides views, privacy and direct access to a dramatic protected canyon.

This means deep peaceful quiet, dark starry nights, fresh air and vibrant land.

Patrick Green •