Fabulous Aspects Of Texas
Palo Pinto County is truly amazing. This is quintessential Texas - home of Goodnight and Loving, indians and old forts. It includes quaint towns, large ranches, tall mountains, steep canyons, a winding river, a massive lake and a number of interesting residents. It's so quiet and scenic that it's hard to believe you're so close to Dallas/Fort Worth. The entire county has about 30,000 residents, which means driving down winding roads through narrow canyons and hardly passing another soul. But be ready to wave hello just in case, because they certainly will.
The mountains of Palo Pinto are a rare and stunning part of North Texas. If you've ever been to Possum Kingdom Lake, then you've seen some of the dramatic mesas and mountain through which the Brazos River Runs. Another 10 to 20 miles south, these white limestone cliffs turn to red, brown, yellow and many other rich colors. From what I understand, this rather limited range of carved colorful sandstone shot through with minerals is what remains of an old reef structure. Regardless, it creates an island of stunning rock formations as dissected and dramatic as Possum Kingdom, but with colors and formations more likely to be found in New Mexico or even Utah.

Clayton Mountain is a large, freestanding mountain visible from I-20 headed west (which makes for easy access). The department of transportation certainly noticed its beauty, putting a rest stop overlooking the Brazos River Valley and Clayton Mountain in the background. 7R is located on the southwest end of the mountain, and the rest is held in other ranches.
In fact, most of the land in Palo Pinto is held in large ranches, so you enjoy large expanses of open land with nary a road or home. The air is clear, the sounds are of nature, and the stars shine bright at night. Add to this the abundance of trees, grasses, wildflowers and blue skies and you've got a peaceful wonderland just an hour from downtown Fort Worth.
If you do want to visit the local towns, check out the great little restaurants in Gordon, Strawn and Mingus (a local ghost town with an interesting history). Weatherford, Eastland and Stephenville are all just half an hour away. Palo Pinto Lake, a stunning little lake set amidst the mesas, is just a few miles north, and Possum Kingdom just north and west from there. You're in the Gordon School District - a Texas Exemplary School.
The above photo is a long-exposure nighttime shot. It shows the relative lack of lights in the valley, keeping the night skies clear and bright. 7R Ranch is in the middle of south Palo Pinto county, and F11 is in the middle of 7R. You can't ask for a better location.

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